Child Safety Committee

To ensure compliance with the POCSO Act and safety of school children in general, it is proposed to constitute a committee under the guidance of the Management & Principal to look after the safety of the students and women staff against any sexual offence within the school premises. In order to ensure strict compliance of the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Committee (POCSO) Act 2012, CBSE has taken several initiatives and actions for creating awareness about sexual exploitation among school children.

The committee will take appropriate and necessary action on reported cases of misbehaviors of sexual offences in the school premises.

A child and women abuse monitoring committee, consisting of the following members are hereby constituted under the POCSO Act.

Committee Members

Sr No. Name
1 Chair Person Ms. Hema Chauhan

Mr.Anil Thakur


3 TGT Ms Tanu
4 Non Teaching Staff



Mr.Sunil Mann