Grade Section Academic

Lower Primary Wing

Grade III To V :-

The academic year is divided into two terms. A system of continuous and comprehensive evaluation through assignments and observational activities is followed. in order to provide a rich academic experience, plethora of activities are conducted in order to ensure complete learning of the concepts in each subject.

Enrichment for the classes :-

  • Worksheet with the same blue print is being given to the students time to time.
  • Excursions are being arranged according to the current syllabus
  • Smart class’s time table is given to all the students.
  • A lot of stress is laid at this stage on spoken English with emphasis on good pronunciation and diction coupled with excellent reading and writing skills.
  • Happiness classes are being arranged for the students
  • In zero period month wise tasks are given to the classes as per their requirements like:- Roll no wise – READING, WRITING, TABLES, SPOKEN ENGLISH.
  • Project and modals related to the topic is being given to integrate the subject with art as per cbse
  • Remedial classes are provided.
  • Extra attention given to the each child
  • Club activities are conducted
  • Competency based education is our main focus in this wing.

Upper Primary Wing

Grade VI To VIII:-

  • The main aim at this level is to provide in depth knowledge of the concepts. An extensive use of technology supplements classroom teaching thereby making it interactive and thus enhancing comprehension.
  • Homework given to students is a stimulating revision exercise generally in the form of worksheets
  • A lot of stress is laid at this stage on spoken English with emphasis on good pronunciation and diction coupled with excellent reading and writing skills
  • Educational trips and excursions are organized on a regular basis to make learning fun and meaningful
  • The curriculum at middle school aims to allow students to think intensively and critically.
  • Besides being taught the Languages, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, the students also study Information Technology
  • Students takes smart classes of each subject to get the vast knowledge of the topic.
  • School is equipped with Biology , Chemistry lab, Physics lab ,Maths lab and computer lab, So that students can learn through practicals.
  • School library is providing help books and sample papers for students to help them out
  • Extra classes are being arranged for slow learners.
  • School is conducting Weekly test (cycle test ) to asses the students as a part of cbse.
  • Self assessment tools are concept is being followed in this wing , so that teacher will get to know which student didn’t understand the concept
  • Pedagogies like story telling, gaming project method etc are used to achieve goals of competency based education
  • Integration of sport environments and art is done with all subjects to make students easier and happier

Secondary & Senior Secondary Wing

Grade IX To XII :-

The syllabus is in accordance with CBSE guidelines. The school offers Arts, Science & Commerce stream in classes XI and XII.

School provides career counselling through various institute & career counsellors, these counselors help students to choose a combination of subjects to pursue after schooling and with such help students will be able to achieve heights in their lives..

Students are prepared regularly for CBSE exams by concentrating on the prescribed CBSE syllabus, assignment booklets and monitoring programmes.Teaching through various sample papers is being done in these classes. Regular assessment is being conducted after completing of each chapter in each subject.

Counselling of parent is also being done by the school to make them understand a basic requirement of their wards as per their classes.

In this wing we take special care of discipline to avoid any disturbance in the studies.

Opportunities are provided at every level to the students for the exercise of their reflective powers, artistic abilities and practical work.