Montessori Academic

The school curriculum is broadly divided into Pre-Primary, lower primary, upper primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary sections.



We provide Oxford Advantage System .It is an integrated learning solution which includes:-

  1. Digital Resources
  2. Learning Materials
  3. Parents and Teachers Resources
  4. Question Banks and exercises
  5. Continuous professional development and implementation.

Montessori Method:-

The main purpose of a Montessori method in GR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is to provide a carefully planned, stimulating environment which helps the child to develop an excellent foundation for creative learning.
All these goals are laid down to facilitate the holistic development of child.


  • Smart Class
  • Activity Room
  • Dance Room
  • Mat room
  • Library
  • Swings
  • Parks
  • Swimming Pool
  • Picnic

Emphasis On:-

  1. Innovative Pedagogy
  2. Experimental Learning
  3. Art Integration
  4. Multi Disciplinary Approach
  5. Assessments,Worksheets
  6. Appropriate real life examples
  7. Use of different learning resources
  8. Questioning Skills
  9. Drill Sessions